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How to use quips in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Wondering how to use quips in Modern Warfare may not help you in battle, but it might help you mentally. These short barks are cosmetic items are yet another thing you can earn for each skin. But figuring them out isn’t as straightforward. So how do you use quips in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

How to use quips in Modern Warfare

How to use quips in Modern Warfare

There is a chance that you might be overthinking the Modern Warfare quip system. You usually have to equip cosmetics to use them and quips are essentially another type of cosmetic. But once you equip them, there’s no hint on how to actually use them.

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Well, that’s because you don’t have a button to use them. Quips are automatically used when you perform an Finishing Move execution on someone. To perform an execution, sneak up behind someone and hold down the melee button (the default should be R3 on consoles). From there, you’ll do a cinematic kill and hear your chosen quip.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to say these outside of doing a Finishing Move like some sort of Overwatch voice line. These are relegated to executions for the time being.

How to equip quips in Modern Warfare

To equip a quip, go into the Operator menu in multiplayer. Hover over a character and press Triangle or Y on them to customize them. From there, you’ll see the skins, quips, and Finishing Moves. Then you can tick whatever you want equipped and you’re all good. However, most characters likely won’t have a quip unlocked and it’ll just show a lock icon between skins and Finishing Moves. You’ll have to unlock a quip first to be able to go into the quip menu.