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Modern Warfare Frankensmithing and custom blueprint guide

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Frankensmithing update is still in the works for Season 3. This feature is also referred to as Gunsmith Customs, which is its official title. So when is the Modern Warfare Frankensmithing update release date? And what exactly is it?

Modern Warfare Frankensmithing release date

We don’t know when Frankensmithing is coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. However, Activision said it is coming later in Season 3 so it should be coming sometime in the next month, granted it doesn’t get delayed.

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What is Modern Warfare Frankensmithing?

Modern Warfare Frankensmithing and custom blueprint guide

Frankensmithing is the process in which players can combine Gunsmith blueprints to create a new weapon. These are also officially referred to as Gunsmith Customs. This means you can take the cosmetic look of one blueprint and mix it with another. For example, if one gun has a wooden barrel, you can combine it with another blueprint’s camo stock. It’s ugly, but it works. This method of combining all sorts of guns gives the feature its name since it is some sort of Frankenstein’s monster of a gun that’s made up of other guns, too. You can see a small glimpse of it in the tweet showing Season 3’s features.

Infinity Ward has not spent too much time detailing this feature so it’s possible it’ll do more than advertised. We don’t know if combining blueprints will also apply to attachments or gameplay-specific add-ons, but it doesn’t seem likely. This comment on Reddit from Infinity Ward seems to imply that this could be cosmetic only, given the term “visual choices.” We will have to wait for at least a few weeks to see what Infinity Ward has in store for this weird feature but don’t bet on gameplay attachment being a part of it.