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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Air Buster Parts | M Units, Big Bomber Shells, or AI Cores?

In Chapter 7 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you storm the Sector 5 reactor and face off against Air Buster. While escaping the reactor, you have the choice to lower Air Buster’s attack capabilities by disposing of M Units, Big Bomber Shells, or AI Programming Cores. However, you can only divert a limited amount of these items, and the rest of these parts will be used to arm Air Buster.

The difficulty of the Air Buster boss in FF7 Remake depends on whether you divert M Units, Big Bomber Shells, or AI Programming Cores. You can choose to just dispose of one kind of item or a mixture.

Which Air Buster parts should I dispose of in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Air Buster Dispose M Units Big Bomber shells AI Cores

The Sector 5 reactor doubles as a weapons production facility for Shinra, and in response to Avalanche’s attack, they begin arming Air Buster to face off against you. Fortunately, you can interfere with the arming procedure by diverting components meant for Air Buster to be disposed.

Each of these parts allows Air Buster to perform a different action. Diverting these items reduces the frequency that the boss can perform these actions.

  • AI Programming Cores: Removal hampers Air Buster’s tactical awareness and reduces the frequency with which it fires its fingerbeams, an attack that stuns targets.
  • Big Bomber Shell: Used by Air Buster to perform a powerful area attack.
  • M Units: Removing M Units from Air Buster reduces the number of items it has at its disposal.

I recommend removing AI Cores and Big Bomber Shells. The items you get from M Units can be useful, but disposing of them doesn’t have a direct effect on the fight. You can divert a total of five items, so pick wisely.

Where do I find the parts diverted from Air Buster in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Air Buster Item Disposal

You won’t actually get a chance to pick up the items you’ve diverted until right before you exit the Sector 5 reactor. Near the end, you’ll come to a door that will require you to use a timed lever puzzle to open.

If you examine the console in this room again after unlocking the door, you’ll be tasked to perform a slightly harder variation of the level puzzle. Just pay attention to when Tifa starts moving the levels, not her countdown, and you should breeze past it.

Once you’ve finished the second lever puzzle, you can enter the disposal room. Hit the switch inside, and all the items you’ve diverted will fall into the room in capsules.