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Will there be Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC?

After enduring an incredibly long wait, JRPG fans finally have the anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake in their hands! Should they expect to see the PS4 title get any form of downloadable content support, though? Stick with us as we answer the question on everybody’s mind: “Will there be Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC?

Will Final Fantasy 7 Remake have DLC?

Will there be Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) spent over two decades as the elusive holy grail of gaming. That is until it recently released to widespread critical acclaim, which has caused players to wonder if and when they might be able to experience more of the adventures of Cloud Strife. Although the FF7 Remake does already have some minor DLC and could potentially receive more, it’s unlikely that any significant story content will be added.

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At the time of writing, Square Enix hasn’t announced any kind of Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC roadmap and that’s a pretty good indication that there isn’t one planned. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise, however, as it’s long been common knowledge that the anticipated remake is scheduled to release across an unspecified number of standalone parts.

Currently, there are three downloadable Summoning Materia accessible to those that bought the Deluxe or First Class editions of Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC list

  • Cactuar Summoning Materia
  • Carbunkle Summoning Materia
  • Chocobo Chick Summoning Materia

Currently, these DLC items aren’t available for individual purchase. You can, however, purchase the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Digital Deluxe Upgrade from PSN in order to access the Cactuar and Carbuncle Summoning Materia, alongside a digital artbook and mini-soundtrack.

Hopefully, that’s answered the question “Will there be Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC?” and put your mind at ease. It appears we’ll have to wait until the next segment of the narrative is released as a standalone experience, rather than getting any story expansion(s) specifically tied to FF7R Part 1.