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How do I get the Destiny 2 Guardian’s Heart emblem?

How do I get the Destiny 2 Guardian’s Heart emblem? This brand new item is making its debut in Destiny 2 and it’s for a very good cause: it will let you help out with pandemic relief for healthcare workers.

What is the Destiny 2 Guardian’s Heart emblem?

Destiny 2 Guardian's Heart emblem items

The Destiny 2 Guardian’s Heart emblem is a pretty cool looking emblem for you to use in Destiny 2. It gives players a neat yellow heart with a medical cross within, enhanced by a lovely orange and yellow color scheme.

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This particular item doesn’t give you any sort of in-game benefit, mind — it’s purely for cosmetic bragging rights. Those of you who do wear this item, however, are showing your support for the healthcare workers who are battling the worldwide pandemic.

How to get the Destiny 2 Guardian’s Heart emblem

If you’re keen on helping out healthcare workers (and getting a cool new emblem to go with it), the process is pretty simple.

How do I get the Destiny 2 Guardian’s Heart emblem?

  1. Go to Bungie’s Tiltify campaign.
  2. Make a donation of $20 or more.
  3. You should receive an e-mail from Bungie with a code for your Guardian’s Heart emblem in roughly a week.
  4. Go to Bungie’s code redemption page and enter your code.
  5. Your shiny new emblem should be available on all connected platforms.

Donating more than $20 won’t get you any additional benefits, but it will give more money to healthcare workers who desperately need support right now. Of course, you can also opt to donate less, but you won’t get this neat emblem for yourself unless you donate a minimum of $20.

Bungie is ultimately aiming to bring in $700,000 to benefit Direct Relief through this campaign. So far, they’re a little more than halfway there at the time of writing. Bungie doesn’t specify when this campaign will end; if you want to grab the Guardian’s Heart emblem for yourself, you shouldn’t wait around!

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