New Crysis game over the shoulder

A new Crysis game may be coming for next-gen consoles

After over three years of total silence, we may have gotten our first hints that a new Crysis game is on the way. Considering the timing, I think we have good odds that a Crysis PS5 and Xbox Series X launch may be on the way.

You might not be familiar with Crysis, but you’ve probably heard of another game franchise they created: Far Cry. The fine folks at Crytek were the ones who made the first Far Cry game before Ubisoft took over development; Crytek later moved on to making more Crysis games and working on the Cryengine.

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Now, the franchise’s official Twitter account has put out a simple two-word tweet that states, “RECEIVING DATA.” This a particularly notable moment as the previous tweet from the account happened all the way back in December 2016.

One would note that three years is certainly enough time to develop a new Crysis game. The franchise is known for its stellar graphics, so much so that it often required a high-end computer to run it at maximum power. This led to the creation of the “But can it run Crysis?” meme which is sure to see a resurgence.

If there is indeed a new Crysis game on the way, it will almost certainly launch on PC. We also happen to be less than a year away from the next-gen consoles and a new game from this legendary franchise would be a great way to show off their graphical horsepower. What this strange means (and whether or not we’ll get a new game in the franchise) will, however, remain a mystery for now.

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