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How to use cheat codes in Doom Eternal

Like any good first-person shooter, Doom Eternal has several different cheat codes available to unlock. Their effects are powerful, ranging from infinite ammo to complete invincibility. Even better, there’s no penalty for using cheat codes, at least if you’re not trying to open Slayer Gates. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use cheat codes in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal | How to use cheat codes

how to use cheat codes in Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal cheat codes can activated from the game’s main menu or within the Mission Select screen. Simply highlight the cheat you want to use, then press Square or X to activate or deactivate the code. Just remember that you can’t use cheats on any level you haven’t yet beaten.

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If you don’t see the option to select cheat codes, it’s probably because you haven’t found any. Most cheat codes are unlocked by finding floppy disks hidden throughout various levels. There are 15 different cheats total, and 12 of them are unlocked by finding floppy disks. For more information on how to unlock these, check out our guide to Doom Eternal cheat code disk locations.

Unlike in many other games, Doom Eternal cheat codes don’t prevent you from earning trophies or achievements. As such, they’re a smart way to go back and track down collectibles. With that said, cheat codes entirely disable Slayer Gates. If you’re trying to track down the game’s various Empyrean Keys, cheating is simply not an option.

Doom Eternal cheat codes can be put to use from either the main menu or the Mission Select screen within the Fortress of Doom. You’ll only be able to use codes you’ve already unlocked, and they won’t work for levels you haven’t already completed. Still, they won’t disable trophies or achievements. Unless you’re trying to find all of the Slayer Gates, there’s really no reason not to cheat.