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Champions Belt FF7 Remake | Location and stats in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake is finally available on PS4, packed full of new side missions and minigames for fans both old and new. Completing these extracurricular activities rewards players with a variety of unique items, one of which is the Champion Belt. Mirroring the design of a combat sports title, the Champions Belt FF7 Remake item features some significant stat boosts to accompany its prestigious looks.

How to get the Champions Belt in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Champions Belt FF7 Remake

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Champions Belt is a returning item from the original 1997 PlayStation game, making it just one of many assets that have been rebuilt from the ground up for the current generation. You can get your hands on the FF7R Champion Belt by venturing to Wall Market and locating the gymnasium. There, you must master everybody’s least favorite exercise — the dreaded squat.

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Champions Belt FF7 Remake location

  • Progress through the game until you reach Wall Market around Chapter 9.
  • Make your way to the Wall Market gym.
  • Perform the rhythm-based squat minigame.
  • Continue until you reach the professional level and defeat Andrea.
  • You’ll be granted the Champion Belt as your reward.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s Champion Belt description reads as follows: “A belt made for the reigning workout champion.” Now that Cloud is the workout champion, he can equip his FF7R Champions Belt accessory to gain a nice boost to a couple of important statistics.

Champions Belt FF7 Remake stats

  • Max HP increased by 10%.
  • Strength increased by 5%.

With the Champion Belt equipped, not only will you be able to endure more damage from enemies before being defeated in combat, but you’ll also deal more damage in order to conquer foes more quickly. That’s a potent combination and a great reason to seek out the Champions Belt FF7 Remake accessory.