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Minecraft RTX Pending Xbox Insider Hub Stuck | Update won’t appear fix

If you’re trying to enroll in the Minecraft RTX beta, you’re likely having an issue with the Xbox Insider Hub being stuck on “pending.” This is an issue since you won’t gain access to the Minecraft RTX update until your status switches off of pending, and you’re actually enrolled. Fortunately, the problem likely isn’t on your side.

What to do if Xbox Insider Hub is stuck on pending when trying to enroll in Minecraft RTX beta

Minecraft RTX Pending Xbox Insider Hub Stuck

According to Xbox Insider Staff GuruKronos on Reddit, users may be stuck on the “pending” state when trying to sign up for the Minecraft RTX beta for an extended amount of time. Microsoft is seeing a large volume of users trying to sign up for Minecraft RTX, and the servers are taking a beating.


If you’re able to get the “pending” message to appear when you enroll in the Minecraft RTX beta, don’t do anything else. Once you’re at this point, you just need to wait for the servers to accept your registration. Don’t delete the Xbox Insider Hub or bother restarting your computer. Getting stuck on pending is on Microsoft’s end, not yours.

Minecraft RTX update won’t appear

Once you’ve successfully enrolled in the Minecraft RTX beta, you may find that the update isn’t showing up in the Microsoft Store. The most obvious issue may be that you’re still registered for the Bedrock beta channel, not the RTX one. Make absolutely sure that you’ve joined the RTX beta in the Xbox Insider Hub.

If you’re registered for the Minecraft RTX beta and the update still isn’t showing up, you’re probably seeing the same issue causing the problem above. Microsoft’s servers are getting overwhelmed with requests to the beta, and you’ll probably just have to be patient and wait for some of that traffic to subside. Again, rebooting your computer will likely not have an effect on this issue as the problem is on Microsoft’s side, not yours.