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Just Cause 4 Crashing | How to fix it not launching

The Just Cause 4 crashing bug is infecting many people who just got the game for free on the Epic Store. Some people just cannot get their new game to load. So how do you fix the Just Cause 4 crashing bug on PC and keep it from not launching?

Just Cause 4 Crashing | How to fix it not launching

Being on PC where players have different specs, it’s going to be more difficult to issue a simple fix for everyone. However, there is a temporary fix that seems to be helping some people: unplugging your internet. Some players on Reddit have pointed out that disconnected your computer from Wi-Fi or wired internet will let you play the game without it immediately crashing. One user said they just went into the firewall settings within Windows and blocked the game’s connection, which might be easier for some. Of course, this is just a bandage over a bigger problem but it should work for now as Avalanche issues a more permanent fix.

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The problem seems to be related to online connectivity and may have been a result of many people downloading the game at once, given how it is now free on that platform. However, Avalanche is asking people for their specs and Epic names over on Reddit to try to fix the problem.

Some have floated the idea that it could be the drivers, but, while it is always good to update your drivers when troubleshooting, that may not be the case, given how ubiquitous the issue is. Disconnecting from the internet, be it through your whole computer or blocking the game’s connection through your firewall, seems to be the best bet for now.

You won’t be losing much by doing going offline. Since the game doesn’t have multiplayer, it only tracks leaderboard scores and stuff like that. Hopefully, Avalanche issues a patch soon so you can fly around Solís with an internet connection.