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Overwatch Login Error | Why am I stuck in queue?

If you’re trying to test out the relatively new Echo hero in Overwatch, you might be hitting the Overwatch Login Error that’s forcing you to be stuck in a queue. And that queue isn’t looking so friendly. So is Overwatch down? Why is the queue so long? What can you do?

Overwatch Login Error | Why am I stuck in queue and is it down?

Overwatch Login Error | Why am I stuck in queue?

If you are seeing the above message, then you are not going to be able to play Overwatch because it appears to be down. You may even see a big queue ahead of you, forcing you to wait behind thousands of players. So what happened? Is Overwatch down? A lot of others seem to think so.

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Thankfully, Blizzard is aware of the problem and it should only be temporary. The official Blizzard Support Twitter account tweeted an update about the login error. It apparently has to do with the Arcade card, weirdly enough. However, it seems like it will blow over relatively soon without you having to do anything.

“A recent update to an Arcade mode card has resulted in some users being disconnected. Reconnecting players may see a high queue as a result, which should clear in the next 15 minutes. Apologies for the unexpected interruption.”

Apparently, this is not on your end and is something that should hopefully clear soon. Blizzard stated that players will have to wait around 15 minutes so hopefully the game will be back up soon.

If it is not up and you’re still waiting, you may have bigger problems on your hands. You can maybe tweet at Blizzard Support and describe your problem and they may be able to help. This might happen sometime in the future too so it is a good idea to check up on the official Blizzard channels to see any disturbances.