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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Server Maintenance | Is the network down?

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons server maintenance might fool you into thinking your game is down, especially if you suddenly got kicked from your online session. So is the game not working? How long is the maintenance going on? What does this outage stop you from doing?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Server Maintenance | Is the network down?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is down but on purpose. The game has scheduled maintenance on July 9 from 6 PM PT to 7 PM PT (but it might go live earlier). Hopefully, one hour shouldn’t interfere too heavily with your plans. But during that hour, all network services will be unavailable, according to Nintendo. This means you won’t be able to go to your friends’ islands nor will you be able to get any in-game mail. You’ll be living that offline life on your island, which isn’t going to be ideal in a few different ways.

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This server maintenance also applies to the NookLink app on both iOS and Android. It is scheduled for the same time and players won’t be able to access any of the network connectivity in the app. That probably makes the app pretty useless so it looks like you will have to do something else during that time.

While Nintendo hasn’t stated why the game will have maintenance, but it may have to do with an impending update like it was last time back around this time last month. Hopefully, this all gets cleared up when it is supposed to so we don’t have to wait around and not sell turnips for too long. It’s a good thing Nintendo posts somewhere that the game will be down so it isn’t a huge surprise that comes out of nowhere.