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How to leave custom games in Valorant

Valorant may be the hot new game to play, but it’s not without its frustrations. Since the game is still in closed beta testing, problems are likely to occur. One of these problems makes it seem as if there’s no way to leave games, particularly custom games. How do you leave custom games in Valorant? As it turns out, there may be a simple solution.

Valorant | How to leave custom games

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To leave games in Valorant, you normally need to choose the Leave Match option from the in-game menu. However, many players have reported that they can’t leave custom games — the menu option can’t be selected. When this happens, the best way to leave custom games is by using the End Game Phase option in the Cheats menu.

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Before we go any further, there’s one catch: In order for the Cheats menu to be active, cheats must be enabled prior to starting a custom game. Assuming that’s been done, it’s possible to leave a custom game in Valorant by using the End Game Phase option.

The End Game Phase function doesn’t technically end the game. Instead, it ends each round. But by repeatedly clicking the End Game Phase button, you’ll quickly move through to the end of the match. Obviously, it’s not as quick as simply leaving the match, but it will allow you to leave a custom game much more quickly than you would otherwise.

Valorant is still in beta, so for now, there appears to be little consequence to leaving a game. By and large, abandoning a game results in a cooldown — meaning you’ll have to wait until the match is over before you can play again. Once the game makes its full release, there may be other penalties for leaving games, especially ranked games. Keep this in mind before you start dropping out whenever you feel like it.

If the Leave Match function isn’t working, you can leave a custom game in Valorant more quickly by using the End Game Phase option. Just keep pressing the button until the game ends. Once the match is over, you’ll be able to join another one. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck playing until the match has concluded.