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How to type in all chat in Valorant

Like with any good competitive shooter, Valorant players need to keep in constant communication. Voice chat is the preferred method, but not everyone has access to a microphone — and even fewer have access to a microphone of decent quality. If voice communication isn’t an option, it’s important to know how to text chat in Valorant. And if you have something you want to say to everyone, you’ll want to know how to type in all chat. Fortunately, the procedure is about as simple as it gets.

Valorant | How to text chat all players

valorant how to type in all chat text

To type in all chat in Valorant, hold Shift and press Enter. Alternatively, you can chat to all players by pressing Enter and typing “/all” before the contents of your message. Whichever method you choose, the message you type will be sent to all players in the match.

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Pressing Shift+Enter is by far the easiest way to chat all in Valorant. With that said, chat modifiers are still a valid option. Typing “/all” will send your message to everyone, but you can also send messages specifically to your party by typing “/party” at the start of your message.

This system will likely be familiar to players of other Riot Games releases. League of Legends in particular uses the exact same chat system, where Enter is used to chat and Shift+Enter sends an all chat. However, League of Legends also has a number of chat commands that aren’t (yet) available in Valorant. As for whether or not more chat commands are coming down the line, we can’t say for sure.

Simply hold Shift and press Enter to all chat in Valorant. If you don’t mind using a little old-school chat style, you can also append “/all” to your message. Just be sure not to talk too much trash, or you may find yourself getting into more trouble than you expected.