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Valorant Stuttering Fix | How to stop stutter

Brand-new competitive shooter and potential future esport, Valorant, recently entered closed beta as developer Riot Games (League of Legends) allowed players to go hands-on for the first time. Unfortunately — although not unexpectedly, what with it being a beta and all — the experience is marred by an issue with stuttering for some people. Whether it’s persistent or just occasional in your case, stick with this guide to learn the Valorant stuttering fix for PC.

Is there a Valorant stuttering fix?

Valorant stuttering fix

Stuttering can be immensely distracting and really throw you off your game, which is never ideal, but especially not in an ultra-competitive environment like that of Riot’s Valorant. As a result, you’ll no doubt want to get your Valorant stuttering issues addressed as quickly as possible by following these troubleshooting suggestions.

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Valorant stuttering fixes

  • Navigate to the graphics options menu and turn down your visual settings.
    • If you’re attempting to run Valorant above your system’s capabilities, performance hits can manifest as a stutter.
  • Ensure that your GPU drivers are up to date.
    • Find out how to do so here. (Note: While the guide is about CoD: Warzone, the process is the same.)
  • Kill the Valorant application, close the Riot Games client, then boot everything back up.
  • Try playing at off-peak times — demand for the closed beta is currently high.

If none of the outlined methods work, then you’re more than likely encountering a problem with the game itself and not anything on your end. As you’ll see in the tweet below, the Valorant developer is aware of issues relating to “game performance” and requests that players contact @RiotSupport with details of any bugs that they experience.

Try to be as detailed as possible when filing a report to help get to the bottom of the Valorant stuttering problem sooner rather than later. Also, remember that the game is currently in beta and ironing out these kinds of issues before launch is the main goal.