XCOM: Chimera Squad platforms | PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch release date?

2K Games and Firaxis recently unveiled an interesting new entry in the popular XCOM strategy series. Set after the events of XCOM 2 while seeing humans and aliens ally for the very first time, the standalone PC version promptly released on Steam at a budget price point. Are there other supported XCOM: Chimera Squad platforms, though?

Stick with this guide to learn if XCOM: Chimera Squad PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions are on the way.

Is there an XCOM: Chimera Squad PS4 release date?

XCOM: Chimera Squad platforms PS4

At the time of writing, neither 2K or Firaxis Games has announced anything regarding an XCOM: Chimera Squad PS4 version. As follows, there’s no XCOM: Chimera Squad PS4 release date for us to share.

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Although no news is currently available with regards to a potential XCOM: Chimera Squad PS4 port, that doesn’t rule out any possibility in the future. XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its expansion (XCOM: Enemy Within) launched on PS3, and, similarly, XCOM 2 and its expansion (XCOM 2: War of the Chosen) are available on PS4. With the series having a track record for releasing on Sony’s PlayStation platform, there’s a decent chance that we’ll eventually see Chimera Squad on PlayStation as well.

Is there an XCOM: Chimera Squad Xbox One release date?

XCOM: Chimera Squad platforms Xbox One

As is the case for a PlayStation 4 release, unfortunately, there’s been no official confirmation that an XCOM: Chimera Squad Xbox One version is in development. There isn’t an XCOM: Chimera Squad Xbox One release date to share as a result.

Microsoft’s Xbox platform has played host to all other modern XCOM games, however, in much the same way that PlayStation has. Keeping this in mind, it’s reasonable to speculate that a Chimera Squad Xbox One release could happen at some point in the future. It almost seems inevitable, in fact. Almost.

Is there an XCOM: Chimera Squad Nintendo Switch release date?

XCOM: Chimera Squad platforms Nintendo Switch

As you might’ve come to expect if you’ve read the guide up to this point, no XCOM: Chimera Squad Switch version has been announced. That means there’s no XCOM: Chimera Squad Nintendo Switch release date at this point in time.

While Nintendo platforms haven’t traditionally played host to XCOM games in the past —unlike the others covered here — interestingly, the XCOM 2 Collection was recently revealed for Switch. That could be a good sign for Chimera Squad‘s prospects on the handheld.