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Valorant Error Code 54 | How to fix

Since Valorant is still in its closed beta testing phase, problems are likely to occur. For most players, issues arrive in the form of error codes, typically when trying to launch the game. One of these is error code 54, which implies that the game is having trouble communicating with servers. What does Valorant error code 54 mean, and what can you do to fix it? Read on to find out.

Valorant Error Code 54 Fix | What is error code 54?

valorant error code 54 how to fix

The Valorant error code 54 is described by the developers as a content service failure. A message displayed alongside the error typically says “there was an error connecting to the platform.” The developers at Riot Games suggest that this error can be fixed by restarting the Riot Client.

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By and large, error code 54 means that the Valorant software was unable to retrieve content from the game’s servers. As such, the general recommendation of restarting the Riot client applies.

However, this issue frequently seems to surface when the game is experiencing some kind of technical problem or unplanned outage. In places such as the Valorant subreddit, posts mentioning error code 54 tend to appear when there are unexpected server outages. It’s still recommended that you restart the client or even your computer, but nothing more drastic than that should be necessary. When this error message pops up, it may be best simply to wait it out.

If you run into Valorant error code 54 when trying to launch the game, try restarting the Riot client. It may be that you’ve simply got a problem connecting to the game platform. But don’t take hasty action by trying to uninstall or reinstall the game. It’s more likely that Valorant is simply experiencing technical problems or server outages. The easiest approach is to wait the problem out and try to launch the game later.