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How to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen bug

If you’ve encountered the Valorant stuck on loading screen or Valorant infinite loading screen bug, we might just have the fix you’re looking for below. In this guide, we’ll let you in on a selection of different fixes that might get the free-to-play shooter back up and running for you if you can’t get past its loading screen. Read on to find out how to fix Valorant stuck on loading screen bug and get back to playing.

Is there a Valorant stuck on loading screen fix?

Valorant stuck on loading screen

Thankfully, it seems as though there are a few different fixes if you get stuck on the Valorant loading screen. Unfortunately, you could also be stuck on the loading screen because there is currently Valorant server maintenance taking place. Use our guide to help you figure out if the game is currently down or not. We’d recommend you make sure the game isn’t down for maintenance before you try any of the fixes below, too. If the game’s servers are down, all you can do is wait for them to go back online.

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Valorant Infinite Loading Screen fix

Below, you’ll find a list of different fixes that have worked for different players, some of which are verified by Valorant players in this Reddit thread. For most of them to work, you’ll need to restart the game and/or your computer. Use this checklist for a potential Valorant stuck on loading screen fix:

  • Double-check your internet connection
  • Reinstall the game and the Riot Vanguard
    • Try reinstalling on a different hard drive
  • Run the game as an administrator
    • Exit Valorant
      • Right-click its icon
        • Properties
          • Compatibility tab
            • “Run this program as an administrator”
  • Delete the manifest.txt files
    • Search for Riot Games/VALORANT/live
      • Delete Manifest Debug Files and Manifest_No
  • Log in to League of Legends, sign out, then log back into Valorant

If none of the above fixes work for you, again, it could be that the game is currently down for maintenance or that your internet connection died while loading. You could just have to wait a little while and the game could work again as normal.