Are there Sakura Wars Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC release dates?

SEGA’s steampunk anime series is back, with PS4 reboot Sakura Wars having just hit the U.S. and Europe after a 2019 release in Japan. Is the over-the-top mech fighting game coming to other platforms, though? Find out if there are Sakura Wars Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC release dates coming up in this guide.

Is Sakura Wars coming to Nintendo Switch?

Sakura Wars Nintendo Switch

No official plans have been announced by SEGA with regards to launching a Sakura Wars Nintendo Switch version. Naturally, that means there’s no known Sakura Wars Nintendo Switch release date at this point in time.

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Potential evidence pointing towards an eventual Sakura Wars Switch port has been uncovered, however. Twitter user @So_Ethereal posted a tweet (below) featuring a screenshot in which a Sakura Wars Switch version is listed by French retailer WTT. This could be down to human error, although, as the tweet correctly points out, WTT did leak The Witcher 3‘s Nintendo Switch port ahead of time.

Whether anything will come of this remains to be seen.

Is Sakura Wars coming to Xbox One?

Sakura Wars Xbox One

SEGA hasn’t announced that a Sakura Wars Xbox One version is in the works, either. You guessed it — that means no Sakura Wars Xbox One release date for us to share.

No leaks point towards a release on Microsoft’s console to our knowledge, so there’s less to go on here than with a Switch version. It’s entirely possible, however, that SEGA will elect to skip Xbox due to the generally lower interest in anime-type games on the platform. We saw this recently with Trials of Mana.

Is Sakura Wars coming to PC?

Sakura Wars PC

There’s no word on a Sakura Wars PC version at the time of writing. Since SEGA hasn’t even announced that the port exists, they obviously haven’t assigned a Sakura Wars PC release date.

Unlike Xbox, there’s definitely a large market for anime games on PC and specifically Steam. Still, with no official word and no leaks to speculate on, we’ll just have to wait and see.