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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Secret Medicine Side Quest

There are a number of different side quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but few require as much work as the Secret Medicine side quest in Chapter 14. Initiated by speaking to the Doctor outside the orphanage in Sector 5, this quest requires you to seek out three ingredients needed to concoct a potent tincture.

Secret Medicine Side Quest Guide | Final Fantasy 7 Remake

final fantasy 7 remake secret medicine side quest ingredients

To complete the Chapter 14 Secret Medicine side quest, you need to track down three separate ingredients: A Moogle Mortar, a Medicinal Flower, and a Behemoth Horn. The first two are easy to find, but the final Secret Medicine ingredient involves a lengthy battle in the sewers of Midgar.

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Unlike with most other side quests, the Secret Medicine side quest in Chapter 14 requires you to visit three different locations spread across Midgar. You should grab the Moogle’s Mortar first, since it isn’t too far away from the Doctor who provides the quest. All you need to do is visit Moggie, the child who runs the Moogle Emporium in the Kid’s Hideout in Sector 5. The mortar can be purchased for one Moogle Medal.

Next up is the Medicinal Flower. The Doctor remarks that Aerith supposedly tended to flowers somewhere other than the garden outside her house. That location is the Sector 5 Church you visited earlier in the game. Simply stop by and pluck a flower from the flowerbed in the church’s ground floor.

The final ingredient is the Behemoth Horn, and getting it involves a fair amount of work. It’s dropped by the Behemoth Type 0 found in the Sewers, which are accessed through a tunnel in Evergreen Park. This part of the Secret Medicine quest coincides with the Subterranean Menace quest, provided by Wymer at the park’s entrance.

final fantasy 7 remake secret medicine side quest behemoth

Talk to Wymer, then head down the ladder into the sewers. Follow the ominous growling sound to eventually encounter the Behemoth, who needs to be killed in order to claim the horn. To win this fight, it’s smart to focus your attacks on the creature’s lower body. Once the health bar drops to zero, its legs will go limp, and it won’t be able to charge at your party. At that point you can knock out its upper body to stagger the beast and start dealing heavy damage.

It’ll take some effort, but once the Behemoth is destroyed, the final ingredient will be yours. Take all three ingredients back to the Doctor in Sector 5 to complete the Secret Medicine side quest. In return, he’ll reward you with Telluric Scriptures Volume 3, which provides 10 SP to upgrade Aerith’s weapons.