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Call of Duty: Warzone Red Access Card location

Following the most recent CoD: Warzone update, a few battle royale fans on PC, PS4, and Xbox One have been lucky enough to locate a mysterious new in-game item. The Warzone Red Access Card was added by Activision and Infinity Ward without explicit mention, leading players to speculate on and actively investigate its potential use. Looking to help the community in its search? In that case, you’ll need to know the Call of Duty: Warzone Red Access Card location.

Stick with this Modern Warfare Warzone guide to learn how you can get your hands on the all-new red keycard.

Call of Duty: Warzone Red Access Card Location | How to find and use

Call of Duty Warzone Red Access Card location use

The CoD: Warzone Red Access Card is an incredibly rare item that you’ll likely struggle to find. This is due to the nature of its sporadic appearance, which is tied to the game’s randomized Loot Chests. Making things even worse, the Red Access Keycard can seemingly only spawn from Legendary Loot Chests — the least common to find.

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How to get the Call of Duty: Warzone Red Access Card

  • Launch a Warzone battle royale match.
    • It’s been speculated that you can’t find the Red Access Card in Solos, so keep that in mind.
  • Search inside buildings for Legendary Loot Chests, which emit a golden glow.
  • Open Legendary Loot Chests by following the on-screen prompt, then check the ground to see its contents.
  • There’s a slim chance that the Red Access Keycard will be present.

If you’ve studied this guide’s featured image, you might’ve noticed that the Red Access Card is categorized as a health item. Despite this, there’s no clear regenerative use for it. The main theory online is that this keycard will somehow grant access to the mysterious CoD: Warzone bunkers, but nobody has had any luck using it so far.

Perhaps more likely is that the Call of Duty: Warzone Red Access Card will factor into an upcoming event.