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Angry Birds Epic iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Visit Mighty Eagle’s training dojo to upgrade your bird’s classes.

When you level up you can expect that there are new recipes and/or items available from the places you already unlocked.

Every bird has their own combos, advantage and strategy to use. To preview certain character skills tap and hold them.

You can tap and hold on your enemies to see their stats as well. Studying enemy abilities may help you reorganize your party on particularly tough levels. Educate yourself before the battle begins.

Need more resources and/or crafting!? You can replay missions but know that you'll get slighty more difficult enemies to defeat this time.

When you get Friendship Essense you can roll your Wheel of Fortune again for more decent prizes. You can ask free Friendship Essense once a day so the more friends you have, the more Friendship Essense you can get from them.

Keep in mind  a dungeon run daily can give you high amount of snoutlings.

Complete the golden pig mission daily since that allows you to save up precious gold coins and invest in the anvil and other great goodies.

Also You can harvest loot every day, from nodes that indicate areas you have cleared.

Though quite expensive save and spend your coins on the anvil as it allows you to craft improved gear for your characters. Watch out for daily sales and special promos.

When you need it take Rovio’s offer to watch a free video for 20% more health and attack. But don’t overdo this because the number of videos is limited.

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