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Final Fantasy 7 Remake AP Farming | Earn AP Quickly

You’ll need a lot of maxed-out Materia to take on the toughest challenges Final Fantasy 7 Remake has to offer. But in order for your Materia to level up and grow stronger, you’ll need to earn a whole lot of AP. Thankfully, there are a couple of AP farming methods you can use to earn AP quickly and easily.

How to Farm AP Quickly in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

final fantasy 7 remake ap farming earn ap quickly

There are two different ways to start AP farming in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The first involves using the AP Up Materia to earn extra AP for one specific Materia. The second method requires you to fight through battles in Corneo’s Colosseum or the Shinra Combat Simulator.

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Farming AP through the Colosseum or Combat Simulator is the fastest and easiest of the two, since you can farm AP for all of your equipped Materia at once. However, you can still use the AP Up Materia to earn extra AP on top of the AP farmed by grinding through battles.

FF7 Remake AP Farming | How to use AP Up Materia

AP Up is a Support Materia that doubles the amount of AP earned through battle, but only for the Materia it’s linked to. In other words, it means you have to choose which Materia you want to level up quickly.

In some cases, it may be wise to use AP Up on low-level Attack Materia so that everyone in your party has access to strong elemental magic. Other times, it’s best used to focus on Materia that take the longest to level up, like Revival.

If you don’t have the AP Up Materia yet, don’t worry, you’ll find it later in the story. It shows up right outside of Aerith’s house in Chapter 14, though it starts out as the Pedometer Materia. Equip it and walk 5,000 steps, then it will change into AP Up.

FF7 Remake AP Farming | Earn AP Quickly

final fantasy 7 remake ap farming quickly combat simulator

Fighting post-game battles is by far the easiest way to farm AP in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. After beating the main campaign and unlocking chapter select, you’ll earn twice as much EXP and three times as much AP. Combined with Hard difficulty Combat Simulator battles, you’ll be able to farm AP very quickly.

To start AP farming, load up chapter 17 in Hard mode and find Chadley. He’ll introduce a new set of Combat Simulator battles that can provide your party with huge AP rewards. Some of the Hard difficulty battles also offer up manuscripts, which you’ll need to unlock the final weapon level and max out all of your gear.

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A quick and easy way to earn AP is to load up the Simulator and dive into the Three-Person Team vs Team Ragbag battle. It can be completed in five to seven minutes, isn’t particularly difficult, and rewards around 150 AP per run. Regardless of which battle you choose, be sure to keep your Revival and Elemental Materia equipped. Since they require the most AP to max out, they will take the most time to level up.