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FIFA 20 1.20 Update Patch Notes

After it was initially on PC, the FIFA 20 1.20 update is available to download right now on PS4 and Xbox One. At the end of this guide, you’ll find the complete list of the FIFA 20 1.20 update patch notes. Below, we’ve got a selection of the FIFA 20 version 1.20 update highlights for you to read through for a quick fix of the most important aspects of the new patch. Read on to discover the fixes and changes that have been implemented as part of the 1.20 update.

FIFA 20 1.20 Update Highlights

FIFA 20 1.20 update

At over 4.8 GB on PS4, at least, the new FIFA 20 is quite a big one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have added anything new to the game in terms of teams or cups. Instead, the 1.20 update brings with it a selection of fixes and changes that should make for a better and more bug-free experience. There is, however, a new Connection Monitoring option that has been added to the game’s settings.

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New Connection Monitoring Option

The main addition in the 1.20 update to FIFA 20 is the added Connection Monitoring option. You will find this new option in the game’s settings. With it turned on, you will be able to see your connection while playing online matches.

Unfortunately, for now, the Connection Monitoring option is only available to a select group of players. You will see that the option has been added to the game, but it will be greyed out. Hopefully, it will be available to everyone soon. EA Sports will let you know when it should be available to everyone.

Other Fixes & Changes

Alongside the Connection Monitoring option addition, a few changes and fixes have taken place. Scrolling line ups should now be displaying names correctly, for example. Updates to kits and tifos have been implemented, too. Read through the patch notes below to find out everything that has been fixed and changed.

FIFA 20 1.20 Update Patch Notes

FIFA 20 1.20 update

Read through the complete list of FIFA 20 1.20 update patch notes below, courtesy of EA Sports:


Made the following change:

  • Added a Connection Monitoring option in Settings.
    • This option enables the display of certain information regarding your connection while in an online match.
    • This option is currently only available to a select group of players while we gather feedback and tune the associated values. We will communicate our plans for releasing this to a wider audience when more information is available.
    • All other players will see this option as greyed out, and will not be able to toggle it on at this time.


Made the following change:

  • Updates to multiple kits and tifos.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Scrolling line ups were not correctly displaying names.
  • In VOLTA FOOTBALL, the avatar’s saved customizations were not displayed in some cases.