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How to turn off crossplay in Fortnite

If you’re tired of experiencing Fortnite alongside players on other platforms, then it’s time you knew how to turn off crossplay. Being able to opt out of cross-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android means you’ll be matchmaking with fewer players, but all of the players you do match with will be on the same platform as you. So, if you’re playing on PS4, you’ll be going up against other players on PS4. This can help to keep the experience more balanced, as perhaps you feel PC players have an unfair advantage with higher frame-rates, etc. Read on for our guide on how to turn off crossplay in Fortnite.

How to opt out of crossplay in Fortnite?

How to turn off crossplay in Fortnite

To turn off crossplay in Fortnite on select platforms, you simply have to head into the game’s menu and toggle a specific setting.

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If you’re on console, you can disable crossplay by doing the following:

  • While in the lobby, head to the game settings.
  • Scroll down to “Allow Cross Platform Parties” and turn it “Off.”
  • You’ll now see a “Limited Pool” warning when you go to matchmake. This means you’ll only be searching for players who own the same system as you.

Disabling Fortnite crossplay will likely lead to longer matchmaking times, as the game can no longer pull from all platforms to matchmake you. If you’re finding lobby loading times are taking too long, then you may want to turn cross-play back on in the same settings menu.

The potential advantage of turning crossplay off in Fortnite is avoiding players on PC, who could be at an advantage with frame-rates surpassing 200+ FPS, using a keyboard and mouse, and other possible advantages. Disabling crossplay prevents you from ever seeing a PC player in-game, which could be worth it to you.