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How to stop the Apex Legends ‘You got a Treasure Pack!’ message

Apex Legends Season 5 brought some big improvements to EA and Respawn’s battle royale title, but also some niggling issues. One of these is a persistent in-game notification that pops up after each match with a weirdly loud, very annoying “ding” sound. For the sake of your sanity, here’s how to stop the Apex Legends “You got a Treasure Pack!” message from driving you crazy.

How to stop the Apex Legends ‘You got a Treasure Pack!’ message

How to stop the Apex Legends 'You got a Treasure Pack!' message

Once you’ve earned five different Treasure Packs while playing Apex Legends Season 5, you’ll notice that the excitable “You got a Treasure Pack!” notification will start appearing in-game. After. Every. Single. Freaking. Match. Although it’s quick to dismiss, the loud “ding” notification noise that accompanies it can become grating very fast. While it’s possible to quickly mute the game, you’re probably looking for a better solution.

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The most immediate fix is actually to wait for the first Hunt to go live at 6 PM GMT on Tuesday, May 19. At this point, you’ll be able to engage in “The co First Piece” Hunt that the “You got a Treasure Pack!” message has constantly been referring to. After taking part in the Hunt you’ll get some respite from the persistent pop-up, though, after collecting five more unique Treasure Packs to qualify, it’ll likely reappear to shove the next weekly Hunt in your face.

With a total of nine Hunts planned throughout Season 5, here’s hoping that Respawn Entertainment sees fit to fix the more irritating aspects of its “You got a Treasure Pack!” message in Apex Legends.

Though not definitive, that’s currently the best you can do regarding how to stop the Apex Legends ‘You got a Treasure Pack!’ message. If you want to go above and beyond, feel free to leave some feedback on the official forums, and, hopefully, we’ll see it addressed sooner rather than later.