Is there an iPhone 12 Flip release date?

Foldable smartphones are all the rage, with a few companies releasing them these days, such as Samsung and Motorola, but what about Apple? Is there an iPhone 12 Flip release date? In this guide, we’ll let you in on what the iPhone 12 Flip is and whether we’ll ever see it on the market. Read on to find out when we could see a foldable iPhone release around the world and what it might look like.

Is there an iPhone 12 Flip release date?

iPhone 12 Flip release date

No. There is currently not an iPhone 12 Flip release date. As of writing, Apple hasn’t announced a foldable iPhone. This hasn’t stopped people imagining what a foldable iPhone could look like, however. Some talented folk have even created a believable enough “iPhone Flip” concept. You can watch iOS beta news’ YouTube video at the end of this guide. If Apple do release an “iPhone Flip,” don’t expect it this year, at least. We could potentially see them join the ever-competitive foldable smartphone market by the end of 2021, however.

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We’d imagine Apple won’t release a foldable version of the iPhone 12. The tech-giant is typically slow on the upkeep of trends, wishing to release something better than its competitors. As we’re still early on into the life of foldable touchscreen tech, Apple will likely be trying hard to make it better and more reliable. We can imagine, therefore, that 2021 will be the earliest we’ll see a foldable iPhone.

We can’t imagine, unfortunately, that it will look like the concept from iOS beta news. The notch on its back, for example, will likely be removed and replaced with something sleeker and more minimalist. Whatever Apple does come up with, too, will likely not be called the “iPhone Flip.” The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is already on the market, and Apple wouldn’t use the same naming structure. So whatever happens with a foldable iPhone, expect Apple to surprise us in one way or another.

Check out iOS beta news’ YouTube video of the iPhone Flip concept below: