Is there a Crucible PS5 and Xbox Series X release date?

Is there a Crucible PS5 and Xbox Series X release date? In this guide, we’ll take a look at whether or not there is or will be a Crucible Xbox Series X or PS5 version. Read on to find out if there will be a next-gen version of Crucible or not. We’ll run you through the pros and cons of getting the game on the incoming next-gen platforms below.

Is there a Crucible PS5 and Xbox Series X release date?

Crucible PS5

As of writing, there is no word of a next-gen console release of Crucible. Right now, Crucible is a PC exclusive game and isn’t scheduled to release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, let alone the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Despite the fact that nothing has been said on a next-gen console port of Crucible, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see an eventual Crucible PS5 port and Crucible Xbox Series X port. It all depends on how well the game performs.

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If Crucible proves to be popular, we could see console ports happening. Given that the PS4 and Xbox One are both on the way out, these console ports could end up being on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Given the extra power of the next-gen machines, too, Crucible should look amazing and run perfectly. Without word from the developers, however, we cannot say any of this with any authority. We think the game could release on PS5 and Xbox Series X. We cannot say with any certainty that it will release on the next-gen consoles.

We’ll have to wait and see with Crucible. If it’s a successful game, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it launch on PS5 and/or Xbox Series X. For now, though, nothing has been officially said on the matter. You’ll need to play the game on PC as of writing,