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Pokemon Go ‘Avatar incorrect (39)’ error fix

Customizing avatars is an aspect that keeps players coming back to Pokemon Go on their iOS and Android smartphones. For some, however, it’s only serving to keep them away by constantly throwing the Pokemon Go “Avatar incorrect (39)” error up on-screen. What’s causing the intrusive error? Is there a fix? Thankfully, we can help you out with answers to both of those burning questions.

Pokemon Go ‘Avatar incorrect (39)’ error fix for iOS and Android

Pokemon Go 'Avatar incorrect (39)' error

Pokemon Go lets players switch their gender at will, though, in some cases, players won’t be able to switch back to their original gender. This is due to the “Avatar incorrect (39)” error getting in the way, but devoted players on Reddit have been able to narrow down the cause and come up with a reliable solution. The glitch is actually caused by switching genders with purple hair and isn’t difficult to address by following the steps laid out below.

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Pokemon Go ‘Avatar incorrect (39)’ error fix

  • Boot up Pokemon Go.
  • From the map screen, tap the image of your avatar in the bottom left corner.
  • Tap the “Style” option.
  • Tap the head icon in the top right corner.
  • Disable Wi-Fi and data on your device.
  • Double-tap the icon in the top right corner to change gender.
  • Change your hair color from purple to black.
  • Tap the “Choose” option.
  • Turn Wi-Fi and data back on.

By going offline you should be able to switch out the purple hair color that’s causing issues and regain your ability to switch genders at will. We’d recommend that you don’t choose the purple hair color again unless you want to risk causing the Pokemon Go “Avatar incorrect (39)” error once more. Although it’s an inconvenience if you’d like to sport a purple hairdo, it’s the safest bet until Niantic issues an official fix via a future update.