Best Nintendo Switch SD cards

Looking for the best Switch SD cards to buy is something all Switch owners can relate to. Everyone, no matter if they have a Switch or Switch Lite, needs a card to store all of their games. But what ones should you look at?

Best Nintendo Switch SD cards | Low memory storage (16 GB to 32 GB)

Best Nintendo Switch SD cards

Not everyone needs a ton of storage space on their Switch. For people who mainly want to play indie games or don’t mind deleting games when they are finished may want to go with the 32 GB Samsung EVO Select. It’s incredibly cheap (but not worse!) and can save you in a pinch.

There is also an even cheaper 16 GB SanDisk card that’s probably best suited for kids. The 32 GB card isn’t that much more expensive, but it’s just an option. It even comes with an adapter case so you can put it in your computer.

Best Nintendo Switch SD cards | Medium memory storage (64 GB to 128 GB)

Best Nintendo Switch SD cards

Most people will probably want Switch SD cards in this range. These are going to hold a few games, but not your whole library.

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While you won’t see the SD for most of the time, the Nintendo-branded SanDisk ones are undeniably the cutest. Each comes with a different print on the front. There are three total, but two that will fit in this medium category — 64 GB and 128 GB — and have the Tri-Force and Mario Mushroom, respectively.

But that extra artwork will cost you. If you don’t want a bit extra for that official seal, then you have other options for Switch SD cards. The non-branded SanDisk is also available in the same denominations but for less cash.

The Samsung SD is the cheapest of the lot in this and might be for those who are prioritizing price.

The Netac card is pricey, but might be worth it if those are out of stock. 128 GB cards are a hot commodity after all since it is probably the best card for most people.

Best Nintendo Switch SD cards | High memory storage (256 GB and beyond)

Best Nintendo Switch SD cards

Here we go. The big cards. Finally. These are for those who love that portable Nintendo platform and want everything on it. We’re talking Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, Doom, Mortal Kombat 11, and whatever other AAA games that take up a lot of space. These are going to be the cards that are 200 GB and above.

Like the last set, the cutest one is the Nintendo-branded SanDisk. The 256 GB variant has the Super Star from the Mario games, which is quite fitting (and also probably very expensive).

There are also the regular SanDisk carts that come in 200 GB, 256 GB, 400 GB, and the might 512 GB. These are massive and quite the cards for the most hardcore Switch players. Just be careful. Even those these are a good deal, they’re in high demand.

There are other brands with a lot of memory storage, too. Samsung has two variants of SD cards: 256 GB and 512 GB. Again, these are the cheaper brand of SD cards but should get the job done.