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How to get the Confetti Killer in Modern Warfare Warzone

A key part of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone experience is finding a weapon that suits your personal tastes. And while there are many vibrant firearms to choose from, few are as colorful as the Confetti Killer. Not only does this marksman rifle have a signature confetti-inspired look, it’s also a great choice for players looking for a unique weapon suited to a variety of situations. Here’s how to get the Confetti Killer for yourself.

Modern Warfare and Warzone | How to get the Confetti Killer

how to get confetti killer call of duty warzone modern warfare

The Confetti Killer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is an SKS marksman rifle offered as part of the Surprise Weapon Pack. To get it, you only need to purchase the Surprise Weapon Bundle from the in-game Call of Duty store.

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Beyond getting the Confetti Killer legendary weapon, the Surprise Weapon Pack also offers a few colorful extras. These include the Beamish epic knife, the Pollocks epic vehicle skin, the It’s A Celebration piñata charm, and the Blossom Bomb spray. Just like the SKS itself, the Surprise Weapon Pack was introduced as part of Season 3. The cost for the entire bundle is currently set at 1,200 CP.

It’s worth mentioning that the Confetti Killer does not offer any kind of unique effects. Enemies won’t spray confetti instead of blood, and there are no colorful tracer rounds. If there’s any kind of benefit to be found, it’s probably based around how much of the weapon can be covered in camouflage. With a relatively short muzzle and magazine in addition its short stock, it’s one of the guns that most benefits from the application of camo patterns. That said, most players would probably prefer to keep it in its signature colorful style.

You can get your very own Confetti Killer SKS in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare by purchasing the Surprise Weapon Pack. Not only will you earn a few vibrant bonuses, you’ll have access to a unique version of the SKS, one of the most well-rounded rifles currently featured in the game.