Should I wait for the iPhone 12?

If you’ve been looking to upgrade to a new iPhone, you might be wondering if it is worth waiting for the next one. Thankfully, we’ll try to answer the “should I wait for the iPhone 12?” question below, in this guide. Read on to find out if it’s worth waiting for the iPhone 12 or not. Below, we’ll let you in on everything there is to know about the phone to see if it’s worth waiting or not.

Should I wait for the iPhone 12?

should I wait for the iPhone 12

It all depends on what you want out of a phone and how much you can afford to spend. Simply put, though, if you need to upgrade to a new iPhone right now, you’re better off upgrading as soon as you can. You don’t want to go too long without a new phone. If you can hold off until the end of 2020, though, the iPhone 12 looks set to be a serious, but expensive, upgrade. Of course, everything here is based on rumor and speculation, the iPhone 12 has not yet been officially revealed.

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To know if it’s worth waiting for the iPhone 12, you need to know some of its rumored specs. From what we know of the next flagship iPhone, it’s set to be on another level. This can all change, of course, but do bear in mind that the iPhone 12 will likely come with 5G compatibility, at least. A selection of rumored specs for the iPhone 12 is as follows:

  • 5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inch OLED screen(iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max, respectively)
  • Smaller notches
    • Potentially no notch, with front-facing camera behind the screen on the rumored 12 Pro Max
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • 5G compatible
  • Better battery life
  • 4 GB or 6 GB RAM (iPhone 12 or Pro/Pro Max)
  • A14 CPU
  • 128-512 GB storage (512 GB on Pro models only)
  • LiDAR scanner camera
    • Three lenses, four on Pro models potentially
    • Rear-facing 3D camera (potentially Pro models only)
    • Potentially 64 MP (over 12 MP of previous iPhones)
  • iOS 14

If rumors and leaks are to be believed, the iPhone 12 is set to be a huge step up. It should be released around September 2020 and will cost a lot (we mean a lot, based on the specs above). Compared to currently available iPhones, the iPhone 12 family will be far better.

Should I wait for the iPhone 12, though? It depends on your circumstance. If you can afford to get the new iPhone 12 when it launches and can wait a few months, yes. You should wait for the iPhone 12. If you don’t need the top-of-the-line iPhone, however, you don’t need to wait. It’s definitely worth waiting until it releases to save some money on the iPhone 11. By the end of 2020, the iPhone 11 and other Apple smartphones will all be cheaper.