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Does Saints Row: The Third have co-op split-screen?

The Saints Row 3 co-op mode was one of the best ways to experience the game in 2011 as it added even more mayhem to the game’s open-world. But does Saints Row: The Third Remastered also have co-op? Remasters and remakes don’t often have every feature of their predecessors so it is worth asking.

Does Saints Row: The Third have co-op?

Does Saints Row: The Third have co-op split-screen?

Yes, Saints Row 3 has co-op even in its remastered form. You can play the entire campaign with a friend. There are multiple different options so you can customize your experience, too. You can have it open to just friends, private invites, or open to anyone playing the game. Just make sure to set those options before you search for a game. There are even options to turn friendly fire off or on (and you can even make the damage light or full). This is probably dependent on how much you trust your partner.

Progress even carries over between modes. You can start it in co-op and then continue it by yourself or vice versa. It is very fluid, which is very fitting for a Saints Row game.

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There’s even the co-op-focused Whored Mode, which is like the typical Horde Mode you’re probably thinking of, but with a Saints Row flair. That is wave-based survival and maybe worth it if you want something more focused. It is on the main menu and separate from the campaign if you can’t find it.

Does Saints Row: The Third Remastered have split-screen co-op?

Sadly, Saints Row: The Third does not have local split-screen co-op. Like its original release, it only has online co-op for you and your friends over the internet. It is very unlikely that it will ever come in the future given how it wasn’t there then and isn’t here now.