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Minecraft Dungeons ‘Game Ownership Not Established’ error fix

Minecraft Dungeons Game Ownership Not Established error is preventing players from jumping into the game, with it informing those trying to access it that they ‘don’t appear to own Minecraft Dungeons on this account.’ Despite players having access to the game, they’re being informed by the error message that they can’t play it, leading to some confusion. So how do you fix this error?

How to fix Minecraft Dungeons Game Ownership Not Established error

The Minecraft Dungeons error is only affecting players who own the Hero Edition of the game, with those who own the standard edition able to access it on launch day (May 26). This is because the Hero Edition is set to launch at 2 AM PST, rather than 1 AM PST like the standard edition.

While many initially believed that the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition release time was later as there would be a delay in receiving its special bonus items, it seems that those who pre-ordered the Hero Edition are being made to wait a little longer in general.

As such, Minecraft Dungeons players who are being hit with the Game Ownership Not Established error should be able to play the game soon without receiving the prompt, even if it is strange that those who pre-ordered the Hero Edition are being made to wait an extra hour.

Typically, the only difference between release times for players who order a special edition of a game is that they might receive an early access period. That’s the opposite here, but fortunately, one hour isn’t a hefty time to wait and Minecraft fans will be able to jump into the co-op RPG sooner rather than later.