Best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite carrying cases

The best Nintendo Switch carrying cases are something everyone should look into. The most impressive thing about the console is being able to take it out and about so you’ll want to protect it on your journey. It’s dangerous to go alone so take a look at the best Nintendo Switch carrying cases you can buy. These will work for the Switch Lite as well, but since the regular Switch is bigger, these cases might be a little more roomy for your portable-only console. There are, however, some of the best Switch Lite cases in the middle section.

Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases | The bare minimum

Best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite carrying cases

Not everyone needs a ton of extra space for their Switch. Some people just want a secure case to store their Switch in. And those people have a variety of cheaper ones to choose from.

The Amazon Basics one is, like you might imagine, the most basic of the bunch. It’s super cheap and holds a few games and your console and is also officially licensed by Nintendo.

But if you still want the basics with a little more protection and style (which the Amazon Basics one is lacking), there are other choices, too. Nintendo has an officially licensed case that is more durable and can hold four games. It’s also slightly better looking, but you’ll mainly want it for the protection.

If you want something with a little more of Nintendo’s signature style, then there are also some other cases with some recognizable Nintendo characters. There are two PowerA cases: one with Mario and one with Mario Kart. They’re pretty similar and can hold a few games and protect your system. They also come with a microfiber cloth. They’re more expensive but are more stylish.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Cases | Portable players only

Best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite carrying cases

That other Mario Switch case is actually a Switch Lite case, which means it won’t fit your big regular Switch. It’s got the same pros and cons as the other case.

If you want something a tiny bit more simple for your Switch Lite, you can get the simple, but lovely LOGROTATE case. It’s water and impact resistant and has two zippers, a spot to hold eight games, a spot for your wires, and elastic bands to keep your Switch Lite in place. This is a good case that is for those who want value and don’t care if it has Nintendo characters on it.

The iVoler case is slim but also has spots for your cables and can hold up to 10 games. It’s got straps that hold your Switch in place as well and even comes with two tempered screen protectors. It may not look attractive but it is a good deal.

The Ztotop case is also great and is a little cheaper. It can carry up to eight games, has a spot for your wires, can hold your Switch Lite in place via straps, and comes with one tempered screen protector. It’s slightly less for slightly less.

Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases | The medium amount

Best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite carrying cases

If you want Switch cases in the middle of the road, then you may want these cases. These are a small step up from the normal Switch cases as they will hold more items but not your whole console (more on that later).

The Orzly case is a great deal. It’s relatively cheap, fits up to two extra sets of Joy-Cons, eight games, and has a durable shell. It’s one step above the more basic Switch cases but isn’t much more expensive. There are a ton of colors, too.

The Hestia case may be a slightly better deal since it has slightly more in store. It can hold up to 20 games on top of the typical protection and space for wires and Joy-Cons. The extra wire space even has a zipper unlike the Orzly, which is a nice touch.

Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Cases | The whole nine yards

Best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite carrying cases

If you want to carry all of your Switch stuff in one package, there are some cases for you. These are massive and can take your entire console and game collection in one go, making the Switch even more portable.

The officially licensed PowerA bag hits a nice nexus of sleek design, price, ease of use, and function. It can snugly hold your entire Switch setup as it has fitted compartments to keep everything secure. It even comes with its own smaller separate case for just console itself! It’s hard to beat.

The iVoler is a little more utilitarian, but it will still get the job done. Whereas the PowerA bag is more of a, well, bag, this one is more of a big tub with specific spots for all of your Switch needs. It holds 18 games and all of your cables, controllers, and console parts. It also seems to have slightly more protective capabilities over the PowerA, given its harder shell.