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Warzone Blue Keycard | What do Blue Access Cards do?

There are still a few mysteries left to uncover in Call of Duty: Warzone. Following a recent update, players discovered that bunkers could be accessed with red keycards. However, some players have also been finding blue keycards. This leads to some rather obvious questions: What are blue access cards in Call of Duty: Warzone, and what are they supposed to do?

Call of Duty: Warzone | What are Blue Access Cards?

call of duty warzone blue access card keycard

Blue access cards in Call of Duty: Warzone don’t yet serve a specific function. However, since red keycards are used to open a select number of bunkers, players theorize that blue keycards can be used to open the others. It’s also possible that blue access cards will eventually open a second locked door found inside bunkers.

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Fan theories regarding the purpose of blue access cards hinge on a few facts. The first is that red keycards are used to open certain bunkers. It’s likely that blue keycards will do the same. The second is that many bunkers contain a locked door that obviously leads to another area. Perhaps blue keycards are the way in. The final detail is that data miners previously unveiled a third type of keycard: The green access card.

It’s reasonable to assume that all of the access cards in Warzone will eventually be put to use. If red cards open above-ground bunkers, maybe blue cards will open in-ground bunkers. If that’s the case, green cards may be used to access deeper levels within each bunker. Alternatively, green cards may be used to get into underground bunkers while blue cards are used to access deeper levels.

Until the developers at Infinity Ward come out and explain what blue access cards do in Warzone, they’re likely to remain a mystery. Still, most players believe they tie into bunkers, either opening new bunkers or allowing access to deeper levels within bunkers. Either way, they will eventually serve some purpose. Until then, they’re little more than novelties.