Is there Warface: Breakout keyboard and mouse support on PS4 and Xbox One?

Warface: Breakout aims to bring a tactical experience akin to Counter-Strike to consoles, specifically the PS4 and Xbox One. Since it’s almost unimaginable to play Valve’s classic FPS with a controller, is there Warface: Breakout keyboard and mouse support to bring the game on a par? Keep scrolling to find out if you can use KB&M controls in Warface: Breakout on PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

Is there Warface: Breakout keyboard and mouse support?

Warface: Breakout keyboard and mouse support

Although the console version of Warface proper has integrated keyboard and mouse support, unfortunately, spin-off Warframe: Breakout does not. This perhaps isn’t all that surprising, as matchmaking in console games with KB&M support generally pairs console users with PC players; in the absence of a PC release of Breakout, that obviously isn’t possible. As a result, mouse and keyboard users would be pitted against those using gamepads, massively compromising game balance.

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That being said, if Warface: Breakout was to get a PC release in the future there’s no reason it couldn’t eventually be implemented. If the demand was high enough, it’s possible that the developers could even implement the feature regardless. While MY.GAMES might be reluctant to split the player base, it could be possible to separate matchmaking for both control methods within the console ecosystem.

Although there isn’t any native support at launch, it is possible to play Warface: Breakout using a mouse and keyboard by investing in specific peripherals. Devices like the XIM APEX and GameSir VX2 AimSwitch can be used in any console title, allowing you to play Breakout with KB&M controls despite the absence of official in-game options.

Is there Warface: Breakout keyboard and mouse support on PS4 and Xbox One?

  • No, there isn’t any native KB&M support in Breakout.
  • The original Warface does include this feature, however, so there’s a chance it could be implemented later.
  • You can play using mouse and keyboard right now with devices like the XIM APEX and GameSir VX2 AimSwitch.