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How to get Old Man Winter Effigy in Fallout 76

Looking for something to spruce up your Fallout 76 settlement? You may be interested in the Fasnacht Bonfire, also known as the Old Man Winter Effigy. It’s a lively little bonfire topped with an azure-hued skull personifying winter itself. If you want to earn one of the game’s rarest decorations, here’s how to get the Old Man Winter Effigy in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 | How to get Old Man Winter Effigy

fallout 76 how to get old man winter effigy fasnacht bonfire

The Old Man Winter Effigy, better known as the Fasnacht Bonfire, is a settlement object added in the Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia update. The only way to get the effigy itself is by earning the Plan: Old Man Winter Effigy item as a reward during the Fasnacht Day limited-time event.

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Fasnacht Day is a recurring event in Fallout 76. The first was held in March of 2019, and the second is currently underway at the time of writing. The festivities began on May 27, and are slated to end on June 9, 2020. You have until that date to complete the quest line through the final parade. If you’re lucky, you’ll earn the plan alongside a Fasnacht mask, caps, and experience.

If you want to get your own Old Man Winter Effigy, you’ll need to complete the limited-time event. You start by talking to the Master of Ceremonies in Helvetia. There’s a catch, though: You must talk to the Master at the top of the hour — a time when the minute marker is at zero. When successful, Protectrons will start handing out tasks to residents. When all tasks are complete, the parade will begin. Without spoiling the fun, the Old Man Winter Effigy plan has a chance of dropping at the event’s conclusion.

What is the Old Man Winter Effigy?

In case you’re curious, the Old Man Winter effigy is based around the Fasnacht tradition in Helvetia, West Virginia. Following a celebration that was often filled with masks and merriment, the townsfolk would create an effigy of Old Man Winter, the personification of the winter season, and then burn it. The act is a symbolic gesture meant to hasten the end of winter in order to more quickly reach spring. The tradition was apparently introduced to West Virginia through early Swiss immigrants, who celebrated a similar event that’s now known as the Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht.

To get your own Old Man Winter effigy in Fallout 76, simply take part in the limited-time Fasnacht Day events. Plans for the effigy have a chance to drop at the end of the quest line. After earning the plan, you’ll be able to craft a Fasnacht Bonfire at your settlement.