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Fallout 76 Cap Limit 2020 | How many caps can you have?

Looking to bank mad money in Fallout 76? Then you’ll need to be aware of the game’s cap limit. No matter how much you earn, there’s a maximum number of caps you can actually hold. Thankfully, the limit went up last year, though not by much. What is the Fallout 76 cap limit in 2020? Read on to find out.

Fallout 76 Cap Limit | What is the maximum cap limit in 2020?

fallout 76 max cap limit 2020

The maximum cap limit in Fallout 76 is currently set at 30,000 caps. The cap limit was increased late last year, bringing it up 5,000 caps over the previous 25,000 cap limit. The maximum amount of caps you can hold will likely remain set at 30,000 for the remainder of 2020.

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Of course, the max cap limit isn’t the only limit in the game. Even though you can only hold 30,000 at a time, you’re also limited to earning just 1,400 caps per day. Additionally, the trade value is limited to 5,000 caps for any individual items.

Why put all these limits in place? Put simply, it’s an effort to keep the economy of Fallout 76 working smoothly. The basic idea is that banking up huge amounts of money won’t give a player any particular benefits. After all, if most players are millionaires, they can start setting their sale prices at amounts far higher than lower-level players could afford.

To get around this limitation, some players have begun using different items as a form of money. Ammunition is particularly popular, as it has no inventory limit, and can become rare or expensive in later stages of the game. Basically, a seller can trade their items for ammunition in order to save the time or cost of having to buy or craft ammo down the line.

In 2020, the maximum cap limit in Fallout 76 is set at 30,000 caps. It’s not a lot of money, and it’s far easier to spend than it is to save. But that’s the main reason the limit exists in the first place. As far as the in-game economy is concerned, a cap spent is more valuable than a cap saved.