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Xenoblade Chronicles Dark Grape Location

You’ll be tasked with helping Colony 6 Reconstruction in Xenoblade Chronicles, which requires you to donate money and items to level up four categories. One of the first items you’ll need to track down is the Dark Grape. You need two Dark Grapes in Xenoblade Chronicles as part of the contributions to unlock Nature Level 1.

While Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition adds some conveniences that make the Colony 6 reconstruction less of a pain, it can still be challenging to find the items you need. Fortunately, we know the exact location of the Dark Grapes, so you’re not stuck wandering around looking for them.

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Xenoblade Chronicles Dark Grape Location

There are two ways you can get Dark Grapes in Xenoblade Chronicles. You can either search for them in the wilderness or trade for them. The quickest way to get the two you need is to just buy them, but you can also quickly find them if you know where to look.

Where to find Dark Grapes in Xenoblade Chronicles

To find Dark Grapes, you’ll need to head to Tephra Cave. You may have to comb the area a few times as these items randomly spawn.

Some locations where Dark Grapes have been found are:

  • At the entrance to Vilia Lake
  • Tephra Cave ground floor south of the rear entrance

Where to buy Dark Grapes in Xenoblade Chronicles

There are four vendors in the game that you can buy Dark Grapes from:

Bionis’ Leg:

  • Anna
    • Affinity Level Required: ☆1
  • Pama
    • Affinity Level Required: ☆2

Colony 9:

  • Dorothy
    • Affinity Level Required: ☆3
  • Desiree
    • Affinity Level Required: ☆4

Note that you can only trade with Desiree for Dark Grapes up until you complete the side quest “Desiree’s Future.” After this quest, she will no longer be a trader.

No matter what method you use, it shouldn’t take long to find the Dark Grapes.