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How many chapters in Xenoblade Chronicles 1? | How long to beat?

Xenoblade Chronicles is divided into chapters, though the game doesn’t make a big deal out of this. However, knowing what chapter you’re on and how many there are is a decent way to track your progress through the game without delving into any material with potential spoilers. However, I wouldn’t worry too much about how long it takes to beat Xenoblade Chronicles. If you’re worried the story is going too fast, just rest assured you’re likely not as far through the game as you think.

How many chapters does Xenoblade Chronicles 1 have?

Xenoblade Chronicles is divided into a prologue and 17 chapters. However, unlike other games in the Xenoblade series, the original doesn’t have title cards when you switch chapters. In fact, you wouldn’t even know there were chapters in Xenoblade Chronicles 1 if they weren’t displayed on saved games on the load screen.

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Chapters in Xenoblade Chronicles don’t even show their names in the game. The only way we know what they’re supposed to be is because they’re included as part of the Japan-only Xenoblade: The Complete Guide (H/T Xenoblade Wiki):

  • Prologue: “Staying gives us the chance to change our destinies”
  • Chapter 1: “I made something really special today”
  • Chapter 2: “Now it’s our turn to repay them!”
  • Chapter 3: “The Monado will grow with you”
  • Chapter 4: “We’re heading there ourselves”
  • Chapter 5: “Promise that you’ll meet us outside the colony”
  • Chapter 6: “He’s gonna pay for what he did to Fiora”
  • Chapter 7: “Meet this year’s legendary Heropon, Riki!”
  • Chapter 8: “Melia Antiqua”
  • Chapter 9: “I am Zanza”
  • Chapter 10: “Leader of Mechonis and agent of Meyneth”
  • Chapter 11: “Can ya kill ’em all?”
  • Chapter 12: “Welcome back, Fiora”
  • Chapter 13: “This world is in disarray”
  • Chapter 14: “Everyone loved you”
  • Chapter 15: “You shouldn’t have done that”
  • Chapter 16: “This is the passage of fate!”
  • Chapter 17: “I was here at the beginning, and I will proclaim the end”

In addition to all of the content above, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition adds an epilogue chapter, “Future Connected.”

How long to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 1

Xenoblade Chronicles is a gigantic game. Even a quick, story-only run-through of this title takes longer to complete than 100% completion of many RPGs. It can also be difficult in parts, which makes it more likely you’ll get stuck. Also, this game has a ton of side content that is entirely optional.

Story-only time to beat

Even if you stick as closely to the main story possible and grind only as needed, Xenoblade Chronicles is a long game. For a story-only completion, you’re going to be looking at 70-75 hours.

Average time to beat

Most players will complete the main story of Xenoblade Chronicles, along with some side content. If you take on the plot and some of the side quests you find along the way, you’ll probably spend around 100 hours in the game.

100% completion time to beat

If you’re trying to do everything there is to do in Xenoblade Chronicles; you’re looking at a significant time investment. For 100% completion, you’ll have to spend around 160-170 hours playing.

How long to beat Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

As stated above, the Definitive Edition adds even more content to the game. If you pick up the Switch edition of the game, you’ll need to add the times above to how long it takes to beat the newly added epilogue chapter.

Future Connected adds around 20 more hours of material to Xenoblade Chronicles. You’ll gain access to this all-new content when you finish the main game. That increases the time for an average playthrough of the game to around 120 hours.