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How to unlock Minecraft Dungeons Fighter’s Bindings

You will definitely want the most powerful weapons in Minecraft Dungeons if you want to leave all enemies in your wake. Thankfully, we’re here to tell you how to unlock the Minecraft Dungeons Fighter’s Bindings Unique melee weapon. Read on to discover how to unlock Fighter’s Bindings Minecraft Dungeons Unique weapon. We’ll let you in on what you have to do in order to unlock the powerful Unique melee weapon in the new action spin-off to everyone’s favorite block-building survival game below.

How to unlock Minecraft Dungeons Fighter’s Bindings

Minecraft Dungeons Fighter's Bindings

To unlock the Fighter’s Bindings in Minecraft Dungeons, you need to be lucky. You have a random chance of an enemy dropping the Unique melee weapon or finding it in a chest. Unlocking the Fighter’s Bindings in Minecraft Dungeons could take you a long time, or be done almost instantly thanks to its random nature. You should be able to unlock the Fighter’s Bindings in any area, completely at random. Remember to look everywhere and loot every chest you find. To potentially make finding the Unique Fighter’s Bindings more likely, however, you should head to an area that contains Gauntlets as loot.

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There are two areas in the game which specifically list Gauntlets as loot. These are as follows:

  • Cacti Canyon
  • Soggy Cave

When you hover over an area while selecting a mission, you should see what Gear Drops are available in the area. You should also see how many Artifacts are available there, including which Artifacts you have already found. While it sounds as though you can find the Fighter’s Bindings randomly anywhere, Soggy Cave and Cacti Canyon should be your best bet. Although it seems as though it could make no difference, we recommend sticking to these two areas if you can.

You’ll want the Fighter’s Bindings in Minecraft Dungeons. While the attack power of the melee weapon isn’t the highest, attack speed is through the roof. Use its Turbo Punches to lay waste to your enemies in devastating, blistering fashion.