Are there The Waylanders PS4 and Xbox One release dates?

The Waylanders has some serious talent behind it. Developer Gato Studio is helmed by ex-BioWare and Telltale alumni; a dream team when it comes to creating a classic party-based RPG with a narrative focus. With some of the people who brought us Dragon Age and Mass Effect leading the charge, it’s understandable that the approaching PC release has many gamers excited. What about a console version, though? Are we getting The Waylanders PS4 and The Waylanders Xbox One ports? Stick with us for the latest details.

Is The Waylanders coming to PS4?

The Waylanders PS4

Whether or not The Waylanders will release on PlayStation 4 is currently unknown. Gato Studio seems keen to bring the RPG to consoles, though it’s currently unsure of whether to focus on a PS4 version or a next-gen PS5 release instead. While there’s no The Waylanders PS4 release date for us to share at this time, it’s entirely possible that one will be announced in due course. Failing that, we should hopefully hear a Waylanders PS5 release date instead.

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The development team’s indecision was brought to light in an interview with GamesRadar, where UI Designer Jorge Pardo confirmed that “first we’re gonna go on PC” before making a decision regarding The Waylanders console ports. We’ll keep you updated on how things unfold.

Is The Waylanders coming to Xbox One?

The Waylanders Xbox One

As with a potential PlayStation version, the developers are actively looking into bringing The Waylanders to consoles. That being said, they’re unsure of whether to focus their efforts on current-generation hardware or the upcoming next-gen machines. As a result, there’s no The Waylanders Xbox One release date to share at the time of writing, but that shouldn’t be taken as an indication that the game won’t reach Xbox eventually. We may even get a Waylanders Xbox Series X release date instead.

Again, stick with us for future updates on The Waylanders for PlayStation and Xbox.