Is LoL: Wild Rift free-to-play?

After enjoying years of success on PC, Riot Games’ LoL is finally making the jump to mobile and (at a later date) consolesLeague of Legends: Wild Rift has been built “from the ground up” for these platforms in order to be more accessible. That sounds like a lot of work — expensive work, even — which begs one question: “Is LoL: Wild Rift free-to-play?” Keep scrolling to find out.

Is League of Legends: Wild Rift free?

Is LoL: Wild Rift free-to-play?

Although a lot of work has been put into adapting League of Legends for iOS, Android, and currently unspecified consoles Wild Rift will remain free-to-play. Much like its older brother, LoL: Wild Rift is available to download for free and all of the game’s champions can be earned in-game without spending any real money. Of course, the game does feature microtransactions but these are kept purely cosmetic to avoid negatively impacting gameplay balance.

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While largely staying true to the tried and tested LoL PC formula, Wild Rift makes tweaks in order to be more accessible. Perhaps the biggest of these is the introduction of a new 5v5 map, which aims to accommodate faster matches. The objective remains to take out the enemy Nexus while defending your own, and you’ll still need to rely on strong team composition and coordination, but you won’t be tied to your phone or console for long periods of time.

While the setting might be new, the champions within it are altogether more familiar. That being said, controls have been revamped in the absence of a mouse and keyboard so the meta is likely to change as new favorites emerge. In order to avoid any potential issues that arise, there’s no cross-play between Wild Rift and LoL PC.

Is LoL: Wild Rift free-to-play?

  • Yes, League of Legends: Wild Rift will be free to download.
  • The game will be free on iOS and Android.
  • It’s scheduled for a later release on consoles, where it will also be free.
  • Like LoL PC, the game will feature cosmetic microtransactions.