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Xenoblade Chronicles Orluga Grass Skirt Location

You need to find the location of Orluga Grass Skirts in Xenoblade Chronicles to complete a side quest. These items can be very elusive, even when you know the area where they can spawn. Like many item drops in Xenoblade Chronicles, it can feel impossible to get an Orluga Grass Skirt. However, if you follow our advice, you’ll be on the right track.

Xenoblade Chronicles Orluga Grass Skirt Location

Xenoblade Chronicles Orluga

You’ll need to gather five Orluge Grass Skirts for the uniquely named Material Quest 2 in Alcamoth. This is a timed quest, like all those found in Alcamoth, so you’ll want to get these items ASAP so you can move on to the next one.

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Orluga Grass Skirts are described in-game as:

“Though unhygienic, the Orluga wash this every couple of days.”

So, you’ll need to find some Orluga if you want to get this item via a drop. You can do this by heading over to Makna Forest. The following enemies have a chance to drop the Orluga Grass Skirts:

  • Ashy Orluga
  • Terra Orluga
  • Suelo Orluga

Even though you know precisely what enemies drop the skirts, it can still be incredibly frustrating to get them. If RNG isn’t in your favor, it can take a while before you get one skirt, much less five of them. However, players have reported that killing the Orluga nearer to Frontier Village may give better results than those found later on.

You can also trade for Orluga Grass skirts at the following locations:

Frontier Village:

  • Adidi
    • Requirements: Give Adidi the Enlarging Seaweed during the quest “Who is Bigger?”
    • Affinity Level Required: ☆3
  • Dedeba
    • Requirements: Must be before the quest “Destroying the City Trade.”
    • Affinity Level Required: Overtrade


  • Dedeba
    • Requirements: Must be during “Destroying the City Trade.”
    • Affinity Level Required: ☆1

Makna Forest:

  • Nopon Sage
    • Requirements: Must be during or after the quest “Meeting the Nopon Sage.”
    • Affinity Level Required: Overtrade