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Xenoblade Chronicles Steel Silk Location

You’ll need to gather Steel Silk in Xenoblade Chronicles as part of the Colony 6 reconstruction side quest. The game will task you with donating items and money to one of four categories. As you level these categories up, you’ll get access to rewards and perks that will strengthen your party. Steel Silk is needed to unlock Housing Level 1 in Colony 6, which will allow you to recruit more NPCs to your cause.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition thankfully adds some much-needed convenience to the process of reconstructing Colony 6. For one, it actually keeps track of the items and money you need to donate. However, you still have to get out there and find where things like Steel Silk are without much direction.

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Xenoblade Chronicles Steel Silk Location

You can get Steel Silk in two different ways in Xenoblade Chronicles. You can buy them from specific traders, which is the quickest way to get your hands on them. Alternatively, you can seek them out in the wilderness, which doesn’t take too long if you know what location they drop in.

Where to find Steel Silk in Xenoblade Chronicles

If you don’t want to throw down any cash, you can look for Steel Silk in a random world drop. These items can be found in Tephra Cave and appear as regular item orbs.

Steel Silk can spawn anywhere in Tephra Cave, but players have reported that it may be more likely that they’ll appear in places with water. This makes sense as the in-game description of the item is:

“Dunban called it this a long time ago. It’s soft like silk when wet.”

So, you may want to focus your search on the area surrounding Vilia Lake.

Where to buy Steel Silk in Xenoblade Chronicles

There are a few traders in the game that sell Steel Silk:

  • Peppino
    • Location: Colony 9
    • Required Affinity Level: ☆3
  • Desiree*
    • Location: Colony 9
    • Required Affinity Level: ☆4
  • Ma’crish
    • Location: Bionis’ Leg
    • Required Affinity Level: ☆5

*Note: For Desiree to sell Steel Silk, you’ll need first to complete the Desiree’s Future subquest and have them become a soldier.