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How long is Valorant maintenance?

When you’ve psyched yourself up to play Riot Games’ competitive FPS Valorant, the last thing you want to encounter is server maintenance. Annoying as it is, all anyone can do is ask: “How long is Valorant maintenance?” Keep scrolling to learn the general length of Valorant downtime.

When does Valorant maintenance end?

How long is Valorant maintenance?

Any time that Valorant developer Riot Games takes the shooter offline for maintenance, you can rest assured that they’re working to get it back up as quickly as possible. Since the game has released, on average, Valorant is back up and running within the hour. During the closed beta phase, however, it was commonplace for Valorant to be taken offline for five to six hours. As a result, if maintenance downtime ticks over an hour it probably isn’t any cause for alarm.

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While the above estimates should give you a good indication of how long maintenance will last, the developers do a great job of communicating specifics to the Valorant community. We’d recommend checking the official Valorant Twitter account (@PlayVALORANT) for the most current status updates. You can also check the Valorant service status website.

Although it’s frustrating, especially if you only had a brief window of free time to play, regular maintenance is important. In order to maintain a smooth online experience for all players, multiplayer games must occasionally endure brief periods of downtime — think of it as a necessary evil.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to speed the process up when getting a maintenance error message in-game. Whether Riot has made a formal announcement or not, the only course of action is to wait the maintenance out. Judging on current form, you probably aren’t in for a long wait. That being said, Valorant maintenance has previously taken up to around six hours.

How long is Valorant maintenance?

  • Valorant maintenance will generally conclude within the hour.
  • Maintenance has taken up to a maximum of around six hours.
  • Check @PlayVALORANT for specific status updates.