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Apex Legends EPG Weapon | Is the Titanfall grenade launcher being added?

Titanfall and Apex Legends have more than just developer Respawn Entertainment in common. The Charge Rifle, Flatline, and R-99 all feature in both games and it looks like Titanfall‘s EPG-1 grenade launcher could be next to make the jump. Keep scrolling for everything you should know about the potential addition of an Apex Legends EPG weapon.

Apex Legends EPG Weapon | Is the Titanfall EPG-1 being added?

Apex Legends EPG weapon

Recently, fans noted a new weapon being wielded by a DUMMIE in an Apex Legends Battle Pass video. This prompted prolific leaker Shrugtal to “tentatively explore” the emerging topic on Twitter. Shrugtal immediately points out its similarity to Titanfall‘s EPG-1 and speculates that it could be a new EPG-2 “repurposed” for Apex Legends.

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While the EPG plasma grenade launcher seems a likely enough addition, Titanfall weapon assets have appeared in the Apex game code before without ever materializing. As noted in the embedded tweet below, several guns were added and then subsequently removed back in 2019.

Due to this fact, the re-appearance of an apparent EPG-2 should be taken with a pinch of salt. That being said, it’s entirely possible that the removed weapons were previously added in error. Assuming that the devs have been working on them ever since, the EPG could now be due an official re-introduction.

To further stoke the fires of speculation, the Apex Legends explosive ammo logo was recently updated. Shrugtal believes that the potential introduction of Titanfall‘s EGP grenade launcher could be the cause of this.

Neither publisher EA or developer Respawn has made any official comment regarding the addition of an Apex Legends EPG weapon. With no official word at this stage, all we can do for now is wait and see.

Credit to Shrugtal for this guide’s featured images.