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Fallout 76 Water Filter | Plans and Crafting

It’s easy to get thirsty in the wilds of Appalachia. Like in past series games, Fallout 76 players would be wise to make sure their characters stay hydrated. Purified water is the best way to stave off thirst, but you’ll want to run any dirty water you find through a water filter. Fortunately, Fallout 76 water filters are relatively easy to craft with the right plans and materials.

Fallout 76 Water Filter | Plan Location and Crafting Components

fallout 76 water filter plan location crafting components

Water filters in Fallout 76 can be used to create Purified Water out of Dirty Water. Plans for water filters can be found at locations such as the Pioneer Scout camp or Smith Farm. With the plan acquired, they can be crafted with Cloth, Bleach Dogwood, and Coal.

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If you want to get water filters in Fallout 76, you’re going to want to craft them. That means you’ll need a crafting plan. A plan for them can be found within the cabin at Pioneer Scout Camp, within the bow range. Alternatively, you can find plans at Smith Farm, Grafton Station, or Grafton Steel.

As long as you have the right crafting components, water filters can be crafted at either a Chemistry Station or Cooking Station. Both the water filter itself and the Dirty Water used will be consumed from your inventory, only to be replaced with a bottle of Purified Water.

While water filters are great to have in a pinch, most players prefer to craft Purified Water by means of the Water Purifier. These devices automatically produce clean, fresh water at a set rate in your camp. However, the purifiers can’t be kept in your inventory, which is why filters are preferred for survivors on-the-go. Find out more about how to get clean water in Fallout 76 with our guide to purified water.

Don’t get stuck in the wilds of Fallout 76 without a water filter. These consumable items might be labelled as junk, but they’re the only way to craft purified water without having to visit your base camp.