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Pokemon Go Stickers | How to use Gift Stickers

Sharing has always been an important part of Pokemon Go. Now, users can add a little extra flair to any creature they trade with another user. This is because Niantic has just introduced Gift Stickers into the game. How do Pokemon Go stickers work, and is there any limit to how or where Gift Stickers can be used? Read on to learn more.

Pokemon Go | How to use Gift Stickers

pokemon go gift stickers how to use

Gift Stickers in Pokemon Go can be attached to any gift you send your friends. Every player receives a free set of stickers, and you’ll earn more Pokemon Go stickers every time you open a gift. Beyond that, you’ll also be able to buy stickers in bundles through the in-game shop.

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It’s simply to use a Gift Sticker in Pokemon Go. When you’re getting ready to send a gift to your friend, look for the “Add Sticker” button. Press it, then choose which sticker you’d like to attach to your gift. That’s it. Be warned that you can only use a sticker once; after that, you’d need to buy another one. However, you can always get more by opening gifts sent to you by friends.

At the time of writing, there are only five different Gift Stickers available in the game. However, the development team have indicated that more will be added over time. Since we already know that Gift Sticker Bundles will be added to the shop, it shouldn’t be too long before a variety of different stickers are available.

Considering that Pokemon Go is a game all about sharing, Gift Stickers will soon become an important way to show that you care. Or, at the least, they’ll be used to highlight which of your trades are most important to you. Use your first five stickers to get used to the system, and look for more Gift Sticker bundles to hit the in-game shop in the coming months.